Real life can be complicated

Finding support shouldn’t be

Real life can be complicated

Finding support shouldn’t be

Life can be overwhelming, leaving us unsure of where to turn. In fact these days, more people than ever are experiencing problems with their mental health – and yet it’s not always easy to know where to look for help.

That’s why we’re working to transform the way people access therapy. Say goodbye to long waiting lists – what we offer is a package of total wellbeing support which can be made available to you immediately.

Our wellbeing programme is unique insofar as takes a multi-tiered approach. It combines the advantages of 1-to-1 counselling with a range of self-guided digital therapy tools – just choose what works for you.

Our counsellors are able to support you across a wide range of issues – including emotional challenges, family problems, and pressures in the workplace. If you find that your thoughts or feelings are having a negative impact on your day-to-day life, please read more.

How we help

Marcus Ong PhD FIMA

Marcus Ong PhD FIMA

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus is the CEO and Co-Founder of Patchs Health. He is passionate about the positive impact which advanced technology can bring to the field of healthcare, and founded Patchs Health in order to help both patients and care providers realise these benefits.

He is an external academic supervisor and Advisory Board Member at the University of Warwick and a Fellow at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), where he holds a Charter in Mathematics. In his early career Marcus worked in Capital Markets for Citigroup. He has also spent time as an NCA Special for the National Crime Agency, where he advised on the applications of Machine Learning and Data Science.

Marcus holds a PhD in Complexity Science with Finance and an MSc in Complexity Science, both from the University of Warwick. He also has a BSc in Physics from the University of Durham.

Outside of work Marcus loves to travel, watch football and horse ride when he can.

Youssef Taleb PhD

Youssef Taleb PhD

Lead Data Scientist

Youssef is the Lead Data Scientist at Patchs Health. He manages the development and delivery of all our Artificial Intelligence and analytics projects, working closely with our CTO to identify – and ensure we achieve – our objectives in these fields.

With a PhD and an MSc in Statistics from Imperial College London, as well as a Diplôme d’Ingénieur (MEng) from Telecom SudParis, Youssef continues to be a regular participant in university research projects. He is a GradStat member of the Royal Statistical Society, and supervises Patchs Health internships with PhD candidates. These internships help us to maintain strong links with the most pioneering thought in the academic world.

With a flair for technical complexity and a real enjoyment of the diverse nature of the role, Youssef finds the positive impact which his work has upon patients’ access to healthcare inspiring. He is committed to finding creative ways to solve the problems facing the healthcare industry.

Chris Crowther SIRA

Chris Crowther PhD SIRA

Chief Information Officer

Chris is our Chief Information Officer. He oversees information assurance and security at Patchs Health, ensuring that, amongst other things, the sensitive data contained within the Patchs system remains safe from online threats.

Chris has a first degree in Computer Science, an MA in Defence Studies and International Affairs, and a PhD in Cybersecurity. With over twenty-five years of leadership and management experience, he is CESG-certified as a Professional Lead Security and Information Risk Advisor (SIRA).

Chris set up the cyber security practices at KPMG and Airbus. He has also held senior roles within the UK Military (as well as in other UK Government departments), the US Military, the US Federal Government, and the United Nations, KPMG and Airbus.

Chris thrives when working on complex projects. He is committed to helping clients achieve digital transformation, and also enjoys passing on his expertise by mentoring more junior colleagues.

Sean Conner

Shareholder Representative

Sean is an experienced financial professional, who has worked in the capital markets for over 30 years. He represents and looks after the interests of shareholders on the Board.

Robert Brady PhD

Robert Brady PhD

Non-Executive Director

Robert advises Patchs Health on Business Development. He has extensive business experience, having previously listed his company, Brady PLC – the largest European supplier of software for global commodity trading – on the London Stock Exchange.

With both a PhD and an MA in Physics from the University of Cambridge, Robert is presently an Industrial Fellow at the University’s Computer Laboratory. He is also Treasurer of the Cambridge Angels, and was formerly an Honorary Fellow of the Cambridge Judge Business School.

Rob Eyre PhD

Rob Eyre PhD

Head of Software Development

Rob is the Head of Software Development at Patchs Health. A full-stack developer with extensive experience across multiple industries, he manages our team of developers and ensures that our software products are of the highest possible quality.

With both an MSc and a PhD in Complexity Science from the University of Warwick, as well as an MSci in Theoretical Physics from University College London, Rob originally joined us as a data scientist. He now works closely with our CTO, CMO and Product Manager in order to define and realise Patchs Health’s long-term vision.

Rob is fascinated by the interconnections between multiple systems. Using complex statistical models, his research has explored a range of public health issues – including the nature of behaviour contagion across friendship networks, and how fertility rates are calculated. His most recent publication sought to determine the causes of food insecurity in rural South Africa.

Prof. Robert MacKay

Prof Robert MacKay FRS FIMA FInstP


Robert is the Director of Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick and its Centre for Complexity Science, which includes its doctoral training centre. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) Renowned Fellow of the Engineering and Physical Research Council “Recognising Influential Scientists and Engineers” scheme.

Robert’s principal research interests are in the statistical behaviour of complex dynamical systems, and he aims to shed light on the concepts of emergence, tipping points, and nudges. He is currently involved in research projects on Management of Complex Systems, Energy Storage, Behavioural Science, and Internet Science.

Prof Robin Ball

Prof Robin Ball FInstP


Robin is an Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Warwick, after previously being the Head of Physics. His principal research interests include statistical physics with an emphasis on self-organising systems. Examples of this are fractal aggregates, polymer microstructures, protein folding, dynamics of fracture and granular, and colloidal materials.

Joe Withers

Joe Withers

Data Engineer

Joe is a Senior Data Engineer at Patchs Health. He designs, builds and maintains the infrastructure which supports the way we store and process data. He also develops our back-end code, adding new features to Patchs to ensure that our functionality is always evolving.

The lead developer on one of Patchs Health’s most exciting features, the Telephone Assistant, Joe has both a degree and a masters in Computer Science (MComp) from the University of Bath.

He is a keen footballer – both 11-a-side and 5-a-side – and also enjoys climbing and bouldering in his free time.

Gwynneth Derere

Gwynneth Derere

Product Manager & Employee Representative

Gwynneth is the Product Manager and Head of Service Delivery for Patchs Health. She makes sure that our users have a smooth onboarding experience, and offers training and continuous support should they encounter any problems.

With over fifteen years of experience in the field, Gwynneth is a specialist in products for clinical systems. She has expertise across requirements management, implementation, software training and sales support, including product demonstrations. She has worked in the UK, Europe and overseas.

Before joining Patchs Health, Gwynneth worked in a diverse range of other care settings. She has also been a teacher, and has a PGCE in Primary Science and Technology. She has a BEng in Electrical Engineering, and spent a decade working in software development.

In her free time Gwynneth enjoys crochet, knitting and sewing, and walking her dog. She is a keen gardener and gains especial satisfaction from growing her own tomatoes.

Dr Ben Brown, MBChB

Dr Ben Brown PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Ben is Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Patchs Health, as well as a practicing GP and Clinical Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester. With his frontline knowledge of the challenges facing GPs and patients, he helps ensure that Patchs is as helpful, efficient and safe as it can possibly be.

Ben’s work has been published in over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and he has won awards from the International Medical Informatics Association, British Computer Society, and the Royal College of General Practitioners – amongst others. In addition to his medical training, he has qualifications in Health Informatics (PhD), Public Health (MPH), and Leadership (MSc).

An expert in developing clinical software that uses cutting-edge data science techniques, Ben witnesses daily the benefits that digital interventions can bring. He is particularly excited when he sees these benefits in the lives of patients and healthcare staff in his own practice.

Outside of work, Ben ‘enjoys’ watching football (he is a long-suffering Leeds United supporter), listening to music, and playing the talkbox. He has two young sons – identical twins – and, when he gets the chance, is not entirely averse to a good Scotch whisky.

Charlotte Watson PhD

Charlotte Watson PhD

Software Developer

Charlotte is a Full-Stack Developer at Patchs Health. She builds all parts of the Patchs’ platform – and fixes things when they go wrong (which doesn’t happen often!). Working across back-end processes, infrastructure, design and usability, she is responsible for the complete end-to-end life cycle of each new Patchs feature.

With a BSc in Biomedical Science and a PhD in Computational Statistics, both from the University of Manchester, Charlotte originally came to Patchs Health as a data scientist. However, once here she fell in love with development, and she hasn’t been able to stop doing it since.

A keen traveller and regular theatre-goer, Charlotte also enjoys playing ice hockey.

Brendan Spillane PhD

Brendan Spillane PhD


Brendan is a representaive for Warwick Ventures. He focusses on busines development and building sales pipleines for startups.

Dr Daniel Sprague

Dan Sprague PhD

Chief Technology & Science Officer

Dan is the Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Science Officer of Patchs Health. He leads our Technology and Data Science teams, overseeing Artificial Intelligence and software development, as well as our technology infrastructure.

He is an external academic supervisor at the University of Warwick, and previously worked as a consultant for USAID, helping them design immunisation programmes in Africa.

Dan is fascinated by the impact which people’s behavioural choices can have upon public health outcomes – including upon epidemics. His focus during his PhD was mathematical modelling and statistical methods to study those choices and their effects. Dan holds an MPhys in Physics from the University of Oxford as well as an MSc and PhD in Complexity Science from the University of Warwick.

Outside of work Dan enjoys climbing and playing the trumpet.

Lea Luders

Lea Luders

Software Developer

Lea is a Front-end Developer at Patchs Health. She helps to design and create the Patchs’ interface, so that our users have as positive an experience as possible.

With her background in Business Economics, Lea did not initially expect to work in software development – however, once she started coding she found that the combination of the technical aspect of the work with creativity was compelling. What she most enjoys is being able to make ideas come to life through the element of design.

Originally from the South of Germany, in her free time Lea enjoys reading and horse-riding. She is also a keen traveller.

Fowziya Begum

Quality Assurance Analyst

Fowziya is Patchs Health’s Quality Assurance Analyst. She thoroughly tests every aspect of our software, including our regular feature updates, to ensure that Patchs users experience as glitch-free a service as possible.

With a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, before joining us Fowziya worked in other healthcare organisations which, similarly to Patchs Health, place technological innovation and patient care at the forefront of their work. She has always been fascinated by the field, and actively seeks out the latest advancements in healthcare IT in order to improve her skills in the industry.

Beyond her professional role, Fowziya likes to volunteer for local community organisations. She lives with her husband and young son, and regularly helps out at children’s play clubs.

Mohibur Rahman

Customer Support Analyst

Mohib is our Customer Support Analyst. He provides a first point of contact for users who get in touch, and works hard to make sure that they get the support they need. Mohib also keeps track of all Patchs Health activity. He provides the team with daily data reports, so that we can understand how we are doing.

Prior to joining us, Mohib worked with Vision Health. Before that, he specialised in operational business support at a central government institution.

Mohib is passionate about helping those in need. Outside of work, he is an active charity volunteer and fundraiser. He also participates in field trips with the 13 Rivers Trust, an organization committed to helping provide basic livelihood essentials to the poor in Bangladesh, particularly orphans, widows and the elderly.

Nathan Fitzgerald

Front-End Developer

Nathan is a Front-end Developer at Patchs Health. He takes his understanding of what our users need and translates his insights into building our User Interface (UI) and maintaining our User Experience (UX), so that using Patchs is not only a visually-pleasing experience, but also one which is easy and intuitive.

Nathan began programming from his bedroom at the tender age of fourteen. Those early forays grew into a real passion for this type of work, and at eighteen he entered the industry professionally. Before joining us, he worked at BGL. He is now an expert in Javascript, HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Outside of work, Nathan plays the guitar in a cover band, and is a regular performer at weddings and private functions. He also enjoys playing games, and has a much-loved Shiba Inu (Doge) Dog.

Martin Hickman

Chief Financial Officer

Martin is a senior finance professional whose early career was spent in a number of financial and operational roles in FTSE 250 PLCs. For the last 15 years Martin has worked in a financial capacity with a number of early stage and high growth technology companies..

Steve Williams

Business Development Advisor

Steve is our Business Development Advisor. He brings more than 3 decades of global experience in technology and data infrastructure to Patchs Health, as well as his extensive management and risk/compliance experience.

Steve has held many senior roles in America, the UK, and in Japan. Previously the Global COO Equity Electronic Trading at Citi, he has also been Head of Trading for BNP Paribas in Japan. As General Manager of Fixnetix, a DXC technology company, Steve focussed on enhancing the operational efficiencies of Investment Banks and trading companies worldwide.

Emilia Fuller

Content Manager

Emilia is our Content Manager. She helps us to create and develop our written content, so that Patchs customers gain a clear understanding of the company’s product and of how to best make it work for them.

With an academic background in Philosophy and International Relations, prior to joining Patchs Health Emilia spent several years working as a teacher. She has also worked as a journalist and content writer, and most enjoys exploring new and complex subjects in order to make them legible to wider audiences.

In her own time, Emilia enjoys reading, cycling, and her own creative writing. She is also a keen traveller, and over the years has lived and worked in multiple countries.